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Looking for Spanish
Cuando trate de buscar el espanol en las paginas del internet, no puedo hallar mucho. Yo vi algo en un sitio que se llama "Mediate" y otro en el sitio que se llama "El Pais." Probablemente, no hay mucho. Yo necesito leer y escuchar espanol para practicar y quiero hacer errors. Eso es la manera en que yo puedo aprender. Hay la telenovela. Esto es verdad, pero yo no tengo tiempo para mirarla todo el tiempo. Aunque hay muchas personas que hablan espanol, no hay material en el internet, yo pienso. Que cree Ud? Es una cosa muy dificil encontrar el espanol en el web or internet? Yo creo que si. Okay, luego ver. Byeeeee!!!!!!!

nurturing needles
My latest project
https://www.facebook.com/kathy.banfield.58 Enough drama and bullshit; it's time to get back to work. I'm not quite half done with the bathroom rug that I'm making with Lily Cotton in denim blue. I hope to have a denim bathroom! Hopefully, the guys will remember their manners with the toilet seat so I can put a pretty crocheted cover on it. But we all know how well THAT worked once before, right, guys???

Argh Not The Pony
Hailing Mary 2k15
Yesterday was kind of good :-) In the day I did nothing and then in the evening it was Hail Mary and I got blood test results back and they were normal! It was also Kathrine's birthday so we went to a kitchen in Scape opposite uni which was convenient and really big and good! Spent most of the predrinks talking to Nour, Viktor, Stian, Heidi and Camilla and then Eline came over and ye that was really nice and it was a nice level of drunk upon entry to Drapers, Kathrine gave us sambuca before we left too which is sooooo nice, I had a toilet trip with Amalie which was quite fun hahhaa Drapers was p fun, spent most of it with Eline trying to find people hahahah but we did shots as well obviously and some dancing and it was really fun! Exactly the right level of drunk which was good :-) I was a bit anxious at first, not really sure why but that kind of went, I think the delayed sambuca kind of helped hahaha It was really good in general! I just remember seeing random people at random... (more)

Slim and beauty
Familiar with the spring easily-lose
-weight tips

The metabolism in spring revives and this is a very good opportunity to lose weight. Then what good method can quickly reach the slimming purpose? Here introduce you several weight loss methods to help mobilize the enthusiasm of all the body quickly, greet the spring with the sexy beautiful body and achieve the slimming purpose. Black Coffee aids slimming The black Coffee is relatively low in calories, and contains a material which can promote fat decomposition, so it is very good slimming beverage. Drinking a cup of black Coffee in half an hour before a meal or so can effectively increase satiety, playing the role of controlling food intake. And black coffee ingredients can also help us to solve the problem of constipation. Supplement nutrition for breakfast Our body after a night of rest, enough energy to supplement need this morning, so that it can maintain the normal operation of the The new supersedes the old. Contains a lot of calcium and protein in eggs and milk products,... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, Reuters continues to lead the western pack in providing real news from Iraq, Ayad Allawi notes Baghdad has no plan to address the crises in the country, the VA continues to struggle to answer basic questions from the Congress, and much more. Starting in the United States and starting with some basic questions about the VA. "How many veterans are being seen? What are they being seen for?". Very basic questions. Fundamental, you could argue, to understanding what quality of care the VA is delivering. But as the Congressional Budget Office's Matthew Goldberg explained to the House VA Subcommittee on Health this morning, in response to Chair Dan Benishek, these basic questions remain unanswered by VA year after year. And while much has been made (here at this site and elsewhere) about VA and DoD's computers still being unable to link up and 'talk'... (more)

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